New bathroom in les Marines du Levant for season 2012

new bathroom apartment les Marines du levant

New bathroom / salle de bains refaite

We like you, our guests, to truly enjoy your stay in les Salins or in Gonfaron,  so we really strive to keep our apartments updated and in perfect condition. We take into account your comments and suggestions about little (or big) things that would make your stay more comfortable.

The little things, we typically take care of quickly, before your leave or the next family arrives. Then, every year, we take advantge of the quiet low season to plan and execute some major improvement.

This november, we have just finished the remodel of the bathroom! New light-color tiles now make the bathroom much brighter; the new washbasin is larger, and has wide sides to put your bathroom items on, as well as space in the cabinet below to store towels and other items. The new mirror is much larger (so even smaller persons will now see themselves reflected) and has improved lights for easier shaving or making up. The heater has been moved to a more convenient spot.

New washbasin Marines du Levant nouveau lavabo

New washbasin and mirror / lavabo et miroir neufs

We hope our future guests will like the new look and funcionality as much as we do. At this time, the couple who has booked early May will be the first to enjoy the new bathroom, but this may change yet!

Beach apartment Marines du Levant bathroom

New tiles all around.

Year after year, we have been steadily improving the Marines du Levant apartment. When some problem happens during your stay, we rush to fix it as soon as humanely possible, but the truth is, we do not enjoy doing emergency repairs more than you enjoy having a stuck blind or showering with lukewarm water! We are convinced that good maintenance and regular updates are the key to avoiding problems, so we try to be proactive!

In the past few years, we have replaced the old wood window frames with new sliding glass doors, changed the terrace and balcony pavement, had the staircase covered in wood, bought new sturdy bunk beds, updated part of the furniture, repainted the apartment, changed the electric stove… In 2010 we replaced the manual blinds which had a tendency to get stuck unless handled very gently, by new motorized rolling blinds.

And we are not done with « big items » this year: a new large rolling shade will soon be installed on the south-facing terrace, in time for spring 2012! Our guests dearly love the sun, but at times feel lie it gets too hot on the terrace, despite the umbrellas. This should solve the problem!

We will also review the list of « little things » that past season guests in les Marines du Levant have suggested, like additional wine glasses (those tend to have a fairly short lifespan) or serving ustensils… We appreciate your letting us know when something does not work or something is missing, because we do not always notice. And we do not charge for a couple of broken glasses (as long as no one takes this as an invitation to play « pétanque » with the dinnerware!)

Keep posted for more news from les Salins, and please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact us!


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