A savoury meal with little effort

Who will  help you prepare an excellent meal?

It’s our friend Nanou, who in no time will make you mouth-watering custom-made pizza while chatting and joking, particularly if there is a soccer match that day!

In summer, his red and white truck appears everyday around 6 pm , on the sea front, boulevard Eole, at the entrance of the village of the Salins d’Hyères.

For less than 10 euros, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a large pizza just out of the oven. Regarding the flavors available, do not worry, for there is more than enough! You’ll find from the simple tomato-anchovy to the more sophisticated types: three-cheeses, mita-mita, marguerita, royal, fisherman….

Here is a  practical way to prepare a complete and healthy dinner with little effort: a pizza Nanou (or several) side-dished with a salad!

If you have had the chance to taste them, please leave a comment giving us your opinion and share you favorite flavor!


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