Our 100km walk around Hyères – in a week!

Port Cros harbour

Port Cros harbour

We recently published the story of a traveling couple who explored the Côte d’Azur by bus, using the apartment in Les Marines du Levant as their base.

But what if you came earlier in the season? If you did not have your own wheels, could you visit on your own feet?

This is just what the Ludbrooks, who visited in early May, did. Here is their story. Our heartfelt thanks to Hilary for taking the time to write and for sharing these beautiful pictures.

« We had very good weather in early May when we visited Les Salins.

We had hoped to Lire la suite


The coastal trail of Giens – Escampobariou

Giens, Var, sentier littoral

Walk at Giens, by the coastal trail.

Here is a beautiful walk on foot, on the coastal trail which goes around the west point of the peninsula of Giens.

This marvelous walk runs through the coastal trail of the west point of the peninsula of Giens.

On the program, splendid views and opportunities for swimmimg  in the small creeks that dot the route. Lire la suite

Le sentier littoral de Giens – Escampobariou

Giens, Var, sentier littoral

Balade à Giens par le sentier littoral.

Voici une très jolie balade à pied, par le sentier littoral qui parcourt la pointe ouest de la presqu’île de Giens.

Au programme, vues magnifiques et possibilité de baignade dans les petites criques qui parsèment le parcours.

English version here.

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Les alentours d’Hyères à vélo

Fatigué de se reposer sur la plage? Rien de tel qu’une petite balade à vélo pour se mettre en jambes, surtout quand on dispose de dizaines de kilomètres de pistes cyclables bien aménagées, et ce, sur terrain plutôt plat!

Le parcours cyclable du littoral en cours d’aménagement par le Conseil Général du Var, comprendra une fois achevé 120km de pistes cyclables, de Six-Fours à St-Raphaël. Mais inutile d’attendre plus longtemps, près de 80km vous attendent déjà, dont 69 km sur pistes réservées, qui de plus, ont la bonne idée de passer par les Salins, comme le montre la carte ci-dessous!

Carte de la piste cyclable aux environs de Hyères.

La brochure complète du parcours est disponible en version déchargeable sur le site du Conseil Général. Bon pédalage!

Piste cyclable Hyères, Var.

La piste cyclable à la hauteur de l’aéroport de Toulon-Hyères.


Bird watching at the Vieux Salins

The Vieux Salins means the old saltworks. This flat east of Hyères area, barely above sea level, was during many years used to extract sea salt. Now reverted to nature, the wetland is home to many species of birds.

It can be visited on your own or with a guide from the LPO (Ligue pour la Protection des Oiseaux).

Vieux Salins nature reserve

A day trip to Port-Cros National Marine Park

Staying in Les Marines du Levant and the mood for a quiet time away from the summer crowds? Escape for the day to the pristine natural beauty of Port-Cros island!

Vehicles aren’t permitted on the island so make sure to bring a steady pair of shoes to access the many beaches that lead to the underwater wonder of the island. Eels, posidonia, sea urchins, octopi, anemones, and fish that go from little rock fish to large sea basses are some of the countless Mediterranean native species you will discover on your snorkeling trip. For new-comers, the Beach of La Palud is recommended for it has an underwater guided trail. Don’t forget to hike through the island’s rocky landscape on its many trails  that lead to breath-taking overlooks.

How to reach the Port-Cros? Shuttle boats run from the harbours of Lavandou and Hyères on a regular schedule.

700 hecatres of protected must-see wildlife