The coastal trail of Giens – Escampobariou

Giens, Var, sentier littoral

Walk at Giens, by the coastal trail.

Here is a beautiful walk on foot, on the coastal trail which goes around the west point of the peninsula of Giens.

This marvelous walk runs through the coastal trail of the west point of the peninsula of Giens.

On the program, splendid views and opportunities for swimmimg  in the small creeks that dot the route.

Useful Information: 

Starting Point: Port de la Madrague,about 20km of Salins. Possibilities of parking the car along the road and on a dirt parking lot (assuming early arrival.)

Duration: 3h walking for the complete tour, 1h30 cutting through the woods on the way back.

Difficulty: None.

  • Equipement: sport shoes, water (lots in summer), bathing suit.


La presqu'ìle de Giens dans le Var.

Aerial view of the west point of the peninsula of Giens


Follow on foot the road that continues west past the port de la Madrague, around 200m.

Port de la Madrague, Giens, var.

"Pointus" (fishing boats) in la Madrague harboor.

A sign indicated the acess to the Beach (« Accès à la plage »). Take the trail  tothe right that leads to a beautiful small beach, with view on the Salins des Pesquiers and the beach of  l’Almanarre.

Crique, presqu'île de Giens.

Continue along the seaside (westwards, to your left facing the sea). The rocky coast is low, intertwined with pretty creeks, ideal  for a dip.

Vue sur la plage de l'Almanarre
Want a splah in this clear water?

Then the trail rises. Starts then a higher part of the coast, with steep cliffs, and a magnificent view over l’ Île Longue (the long island) and its neighboors, and farther in the distance, Toulon.

Presquîle de Giens, Var.

View over l'île longue (long island). What calm...

A little further, we find a crossroad where several dirt trails meet. We can choose wether to go towards the Madrague by the inland trail, taking one of the trails that go deep in the woods, or continue on the coastal trail for a longer walk and great views. We then pass the very steep Pointe d’Escampobariou, which in Provencal means « breakaway barrels », name  that testifies the agitated waters that surround the cape when stong winds blow, to continue to the beach of l’Arboussière, where we’ll return to  the Madrague by the route that  cuts the point from side to side.

Voila, if this route inspires you, write your impressions to us below!


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